Raffaella Torzoni
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Raffaella Torzoni – Sommelier

The fascinating world of wine

To quote Robert Louis Stevenson, “Wine is bottled poetry”. After obtaining my Certificate as a Sommelier of the National Association, I branched out on a long path that led me to specialise more and more in this fascinating world of wine.
Often, this passion has intertwined with another activity that I have always considered engaging: events planning. Over the years I have organised numerous wine tastings, both in private locations and in the Hospitality facilities of the Retaggio Rurale Group. These events always involve always a large number of people, both Italian and foreigners. A new activity that I have started in 2018 was wine tastings in the vineyard located near my house in Civitella in Val di Chiana!

As a result, in recent years I have worked as a delegate of the National Sommelier Association (Arezzo section), for several events, such as:
• Sommelier Service for the Press at the Chianti Collection 2018 at the Leopolda in Florence
• Wine Tasting at the Cortona Wine Style, hosted by the Gambero Rosso journalist Alessandro Bocca (April 2017)
• Sommelier Service at the Chianti Classico Collection at the Leopolda in Florence
• Sommelier Service at the Food and Wine in Progress, Excellence of Tuscany AIS at the Leopolda of Florence (November 2015)

Another activity that I decided to link to this passion of mine is the radio speaker one. In all the broadcasts that I created and guided, I have always decided to dedicate at least one episode to this world and to analyse it in all its forms. For example, in one of my latest programmes, I have invited a friend of mine and a great professional of this world, agronomist Fabio Primavera. Together we have spoken about the latest technologies undergone in this world and the future ones.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile for more information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raffaella-torzoni-b6154941/