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Casa Raffaella

Social Eating and Events in Arezzo

Casa Raffaella is a project dedicated to Social Eating, born from my passion both for organizing events and for the promotion of the region. In recent years, what is known as “Social Eating” has taken place in Italy, first of all in big cities such as Rome and Milan. Then, also smaller ones that always try to follow the example given by metropolis hahave. It is a market sector that involves preparing meals at home for a fee with unknown people met via an online software platform. Some exaples? Gnammo, Slurp Dinner and Eatwith. This idea arouse one day, while I was organizing a Champagne Tasting in another Hospitality Facility that I own. I told myself: “Why shouldn’t I engage myself in such an demanting but at the same time satisfying activity”?

So, I thought this would be a real opportunity to put myself to the test with all my skills and experiences: organize dinners featuring lyrical music, good wine and especially local food. The Tuscan food and wine culture, and in particular that of Arezzo, needs and deserves to be handed down and discovered.

During the last events that I have organized, several people decided to attend them and at the end they were very satisfied with what had I done. This was a pleasure for me and therefore I decided to go on organizing also other types of events, such as wine tastings in the vineyard and weddings. These sectors, that are very different the one from the other, are very exciting and are another way to promote the local territory, culture and food.

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Social Eating at Casa Raffaella!

            The living room of Casa Raffaella